Umoja Operation Compassion Society Receives a Projector

Umoja Operation Compassion Society of British Columbia is a charitable formed in 2002 to work with newcomer immigrants and refugees living in Surrey, BC. Their society seeks to help promote unity, respect, and dignity amongst minority immigrants and refugees.

Newcomer to Canada can find it difficult to integrate due to obstacles such as poverty, learning a new language, unemployment, culture shock, isolation and feelings of hopelessness. Through Umoja Operation Compassion Society, they provide a variety of culturally sensitive programs to help families, children, and youth integrate successfully into their new social environment.

Their mission is to empower immigrants and refugees to successfully integrate into an inclusive Canadian society.  Internationally, they support initiatives to improve the quality of life in global communities. Their vision is to build strong communities; moving from newcomers to neighbours.

We were thrilled to donate a projector to the Umoja Operation Compassion Society in British Columbia this week. This donation will be used for the Umoja’s youth digital media program. The program is specifically for newcomer youth in high school. The program focuses on building confidence, a community of support, leadership skills while using photography and videography as a way for youth to express themselves and share their story in coming and settling in Canada. The projector is used to teach the youth digital literacy by navigating and exploring how filming, editing and creating a video works.

If you would like to learn more about this organization, please click on their website here.

ERA is taking the initiative and offering free pickups in local areas for companies and individuals with unwanted laptops and computers. This will give organizations the option to work remotely which will ease their potential anxiety from working at their offices. It will also ensure that children are able to keep on top of their homework. If you are wanting to help organizations and families receive the gift of technology and give them an option, please contact our toll number 1.877.9EWASTE or go to our website and fill out our form here.