Vision of Hope Resource Centre Receives Donated Tech

Vision of Hope Resource Centre (VOHRC) in Brampton, ON, has a strong commitment to create a healthy and thriving community where children, youth, seniors and families thrive through programs and services that promote their well-being, reduce isolation and other barriers that impact their day-to-day living. The ERA was happy to provide them with 3 printers and 2 projectors.

“During the pandemic outbreak the need for food support has increase in the community. Many seniors, single parents with young children and individuals are in quarantine and cannot leave their homes. VOHRC agencies have received a great number of inquiries about laptop and food support. We have seen the divesting impact of COVID- 19 on the family and the community. VOHRC tries to prepare laptops to the people who isolated and need to connect with their families and friend inside and outside of Canada,” said Founder & President Cynthia Pommells.

The ERA will be providing them with 10 computers within the next few weeks to assist these families in need. Due to the circumstances surrounding Covid-19, wait times for donation requests have increased as we are seeing a decline in the amount of inventory coming though our warehouse combined with a dramatic rise in requests. If your business is looking to give back to the community, consider booking a pickup with the ERA. We are dedicated to refurbishing electronics to donate to those who can’t afford new devices.

In 2013 Vision of Hope embarked on a journey to support community development and to bring about change to individuals and the many families in the Brampton and surrounding Peel Region. In the early years most of the Board meetings and consultations took place at the President’s residence with much of the focus on fundraising and hosting community events which allowed us to get to know the community.

Vision of Hope Resource Center’s objective has always been to place individuals and families at the center of all we do and to ensure that the delivery of programs and services are relevant and accessible to people. The organization is mandated to provide structured programs focused on addressing and preventing problems faced by at-risk youth. To address and prevent specific problems faced by families dealing with behavioral management issues, by providing counseling and mentorship.

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization committed to reducing unnecessary electronic waste by recycling and repurposing used electronics. We work with local companies to repurpose used electronics and IT equipment in a safe and secure manner. Our team works with community charities to provide repurpose computers and electronics to those in need. Contribute to our mission of reducing e-waste by recycling your unwanted electronic devices with the ERA.