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We Keep Responsible E-Waste Disposal Accessible

Members Receive Price Reductions And Priority Pickups

Managing unwanted electronic equipment can be a hassle, so we have put together a membership program that offers numerous benefits while ensuring that responsible e-waste disposal is accessible. In addition to price reductions and priority pickups, our members receive benefits that support their corporate social responsibility and corporate environmental responsibility profiles. Becoming a member of the Electronic Recycling Association is a great way to highlight your commitment to giving back to the community while supporting environmentally friendly business practices.

Depending on your membership type, ERA members may receive free or discounted priority pickups, discounted hardware based data erasure, opportunities to partner with ERA on charitable donations, inclusion in ERA`s Tree Canada tree planting program, along with numerous other benefits.

Membership Pricing Membership Perks

Membership Pricing

 RegularRegular PlusPremium
Education and Health Care Facilities $75.00$150.00$375.00
Non-Profit $75.00$150.00$375.00
Personal $50.00$100.00$250.00

Membership Perks

RegularRegular PlusPremium
Priority Pickup DatesPriority Pickup DatesPriority Pickup Dates
Certification of collected EquipmentCertification of Collected equipmentCertification of collected equipment
35% discount on pick-up fees for low value donations2 complimentary pick-up for low value donations5 Complimentary pick-up for low value donations
Complimentary pick-up for high value donationsComplimentary pick-up for high value donationsComplimentary pick-up for high value donations
$25.00 discount on floor model units (photocopiers etc.)40% discount on pick-up fees for remaining low value donations$35.00 discount on floor model units (photocopiers etc.)
Retiring IT Asset consultingRetiring IT asset consultingRetiring IT asset consulting
Certification of data wipeCertification of data wipe

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Contact Us Today And Make A Difference In Your Community

Talk to us about becoming an Awareness Ambassador in your community, setting up your next charity fundraiser, or starting a community clean up event. Together, we can work towards a future with less e-waste.

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