ERA is Kicking Off Waste Reduction Week with The Green Action Center & Assiniboine Park!

Waste Reduction Week is an environmental campaign held the 3rd week of October each year to promote circular economy solutions and encourage every-day choices and actions that lead to resource conservation and recovery. Dedicated theme days focus in on the most prevalent and fastest growing waste streams; plastics, textile, food and e-waste.

Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is excited to have Green Action Center and Assiniboine Park as partners for E-waste Day event, taking place on Wednesday October 20th.

Discarded electrical and electronic devices are predicted to outweigh The Great Wall of China as soon as this year!  Let’s not forget that electronic equipment contains precious and salvageable materials like gold, but also mercury, cadmium and flame retardants – toxic pollutants dangerous to eco-systems.

Winnipeggers are welcome to de-clutter their homes and offices of unused or unwanted devices.  Just bring them to our collection event at the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter.  Our technicians will ensure that data from your devices is securely removed, operational equipment is refurbished for reuse, and the rest is recycled in a responsible manner.

Can’t make it to the Park? Join the Instagram Q&A live box during the event to get all the answers you wanted to know about e-waste (@greenactioncenter).

For greener living tips and ideas on reducing food waste, composting and green transportation we recommend tuning in to Green Action center’s activities upcoming week.  Recharge your senses and reconnect with nature, there is hardly a better place than the Assiniboine Park. See you there!

Collection Event

Date:   Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Time:  12 pm -2:30 pm.

Venue: Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter Winnipeg, MB R3P 2N8, Canada

About the Electronic Recycling Association

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’. For over fifteen years, ERA has offered simple solutions to help individuals and organizations prevent operational equipment from premature destruction. With a focus on recovery, refurbishment and reuse, ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with donated IT equipment while securely managing the retiring IT assets of organizations and individuals across Canada.

About the Green Action Center

Green Action Centre primary areas of work are green transportation, composting and waste reduction, sustainable living and resource conservation. Programs and outreach are supported by donations from individuals, grants from foundations and governments, and sponsorships.

About the Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park Zoo is an 80-acre zoo at the west end of Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.The Park is home to popular attractions like the English Garden, The Pavilion, and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. Winding trails, wide open green spaces, and breathtaking gardens encourage people to get outdoors and be active. Educational programs, free outdoor entertainment at the Lyric Theatre, public art galleries, unique event venues, and a great variety of events and activities provide amazing opportunities for learning, celebration and recreation.